Chris Takes part in Anthony Gormleys One&Other project

From oneandother

For 100 days since the middle of July, members of the public have been
occupying the plinth for 1 hour each, 24h a day, come rain or shine as part of Anthony Gormley's One&Other Project.
They are chosen by a draw from those who had applied to be part of the
project. What you do on the plinth is entirely up to you, as long as it
is legal. The project will provide not just a piece of art but also a
social record of our society in 2009.

With around 30000 applying
for 2400 places, I thought it was worth joining. The August and
September draws came and I was unsuccessful. Resigned, I was therefore
surprised to have a call a couple of hours after the September draw
results asking
"We have a slot free on the Plinth. It's at 2am on 16th Sept are you interested?"
"YES!!!" was my resounding exhilarated reply!

Full article with what Chris did on the Plinth here