Tollé GmbH off to a running start

View from Tolle GmbHThe view from the spacious penthouse offices of Tollé GmbH was spectacular, despite the rain. Düsseldorf's TV tower could be seen in the distance, as the Graf Adolf Strasse traffic steamed towards it here in the very centre of the city. Sandra Tollé recommended the rotating restaurant at the top of the tower.

The central location was courtesy of a client and reflects the closeness to the main client base here in NRW (North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany).

Sandra and Leif had only set up the new company, Tollé GmbH, a few months ago, yet the portfolio of contracts in hand was impressive: a Euro 3m contract in Berlin, renovation of a street of properties Euro 2m, a range of commercial constructions and project management for an industrial client, these were some of the highlights.

A fantastic achievement and credit to the visionary and proactive style of the Tollés.


Marius at his desk

The offices were a hive of activity as I greeted faces that were now familiar from our team event last month. Markus Fischer, Architect, waved from his desk and demonstrated some work on screen. Ralf Bernd was getting ready to dash out into the muggy afternoon on business and Markus Poppel supervised the last adjustments to the up to date IT system with Leif.

"It's still a bit bare!", Sandra said apologetically.

"No, it's minimalist" I joked in reply.

Above all, it's impressive, to get off to a running start like this. Hats off to all for making it work.

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