Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope by Lewis Woolnough, (pub. QMC)

Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope by Lewis WoolnoughMilton Contact was approached by Lewis Woolnough, through a common interest in microscopy, about his book, "Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope", which he wished to have re-edited and then published by the Quekett Microscopical Society (QMC).

The resultant book is suitable for the absolute beginner, the amateur and the professional using stereomicroscopes in their work.

Working in partnership, the text was radically revised, illustrations were redrawn and photographs from both Lewis and Chris Thomas of Milton Contact Ltd were added.

Lewis had wanted a colour coded index and this was translated into a running colour band at the base of each page, making it clear which section the reader was in.

In line with the understandable desire of a new stereomicroscope owner to get started as soon as possible, a quickstart guide was included right  at the start. The reader could use the instrument immediately at a basic level and then return to expand their knowledge in the book.

Another innovation was the inclusion of paired stereo-images which reproduce the three dimensionality that is such an enjoyable and informative feature of the stereomicroscope.

The author, Lewis Woolnough, retired as a Headteacher and has pursued microscopy with a passion for the past 20+ years. When told that there was no suitable work on the stereomicroscope, he immediately set about using his life skills to write this book. Lewis' aim was to create a well illustrated accessible text that would help you to use the stereomicroscope immediately and competentely.

With this revised edition of the book, "Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope", Lewis felt satisfied that he had produced a work that was suitable for the 21st century.

Milton Contact Ltd conducted all the editing work and the close collaboration on "Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope" with Lewis Woolnough right to the point of having a print ready text. The Quekett Microscopical Club (QMC) published the work.

The Quekett Microscopical Club (QMC) has been a touchstone for enthusiastic amateur light microscopists since 1865. The QMC welcomes all, from beginners, amateurs to the more advanced microscopist. A charity and a learned society, the QMC also publishes journals, bulletins and education books such as this one.

Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope

Woolnough, Lewis

ISBN: 978-0-9564591-0-7


General Principles
How Microscopes Work
The Stereomicroscope's Features
Setting up
References and Future Reading
A Final Comment


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