Social media - actively keeping in touch

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I don't know about you, but social media is a topic that is increasingly circulating around business meetings. Do I need social media? How do I use social media? And what of the best social media to go for? These are questions that we have been grappling with as Milton Contact Ltd. 

The way that we see social media is - as social tools, not for direct selling. In fact attempting to direct sell through social media can really put people off your company. 

So why use social media?

Social media can be seen as contact management tools. Imagine that you go to a business meeting and you meet someone. You exchange business cards and, unless you have agreed for you to contact that individual again, the initiative now rests with the other person.

An alternative is to ask during conversation, whether they use social media and would be happy for you to link up. Linked in is often a common starting point. This now gives you the opportunity when your back in your business, to send that individual an invitation to connect via the social medium of choice, e.g. LinkedIn.

If they accept, they will then see the news and information that you put up on your social media profile.

This means that you have a regular point of contact with those individuals to whom you're linked.

Whether they pay you any attention or not, will depend on how interesting your items of news, information and conversations with them are.

This also begins to answer the question, which social media should you use?

You need to use those social media which your contacts and clients are actively using!

At Milton Contact we use a panel of different social media. How we do so has evolved. So have a look at the linked pages under "Why social media", to find out which social media we use, how and why.