Empowering Siobhan Costello's Empowerment Course

Picture of Empowerment Course CoverMilton Contact felt quite empowered when asked by Siobhan Costello to format and layout her course "Be Empowered: Change Your Life Now".

As part of the conversion of the book into a professional presentation, our graphical skills were applied to redraw the illustrations and figures spread throughout the course.

Siobhan Costello's course  "Be Empowered: Change Your Life Now" contains five modules to work through. Each module is carefully designed to move you through a process of learning and development towards achieving your goal for becoming more empowered in your life.

The reader will learn about:

  • Empowement and achievable goals
  • Successful people and achieving your own succes
  • How our memories work and methods to improve the process individually
  • Techniques to communicate better and influence people
  • Dealing with difficult situations and people
  • Developing a toolkit of techniques to empower the reader and make them more confident in themselves.


For more information on Siobhan Costello's course "Be Empowered: Change Your Life Now", visit her pages here: http://www.siobhancostello.com/on-line-empowerment-course/