Your business startup: Twelve pillars of advice in brief by Dr Chris Thomas

Cover of your business startup: Twelve pillars in briefThe aim of this booklet is to help you as someone either thinking of starting a business or already running one. You will be more self motivated than many and you will be working out your own unique solutions for your business. 

The book outlines twelve pillars to bear in mind when you need to see the bigger picture. They are based on personal experience and knowledge gained from talks with peers, friends and colleagues with their own companies, at business networks, seminars, workshops and other information sources.

Each pillar, whether "Researching your market" or "Financing your business" has several bullet points and additional text, as here. They are useful signposts or reminders that will trigger you to revisit a part of your business or to explore new avenues. 

The twelve pillars are:

1.Believe in yourself
2. Your business
3. Research the market
4. Your business plan
5. Is it worth it?
6. Financing your business
7. Legal and insurance
8. Have a disaster recovery plan
9. Get help
10. Answer your customer's questions
11. Talk about your business
12. You and your business

When you find yourself getting lost in the detail of your business, dip into this booklet to regain an overview.

The book was also a personal exercise in incorporating images in an e-book, hence each chapter begins with an illuminated letter, the letters and chapter titles are shown in the slideshow below, with two full pages as examples.

The images were adjusted so that they appear pleasing to the eye both in greyscale as in a Kindle reader,  and in colour when using Kindle software on a PC or tablet.


The booklet is currently available on Amazon as an e-book, price £1