Black Cat Conference Humorous and Tablestopics Contest Videos

The District 71 Black Cat Conference was the highlight of Autumn 2015. The Humorous Speech Contest and the Tabletopics Contest each feature nine winners of regional contests vying for first place. Both contests were recorded on video and are now available to purchase here! The Photoalbum and the pictures in it are free to view and download for personal use.

Photo Album from the District 71 Contests

Black Cat Conference Photoalbum

The Humorous Speech Contest Videos

View at The Black Cat Conference YouTube Channel

Humorous Speech Contest Winner Gerry French


Intro by Bob Ferguson DTM (h:min:seconds) 00:01:08 

   1. James McGinty: Stranger on a Train 00:04:59 

   2. Shalini Sinha: Confused Identity 00:12:31

   3. Gayna Cooper: Living with Aliens 00:19:52 

   4. Sharon O'Neill: My First Unholy Communion 00:26:50

   5. Michael Joyce: Self Help the Easy Way 00:34:22

   6. Gerry French: Don't Get Me Started 00:41:41

   7. Kevin Doyle: The Slow Set 00:48:45

   8. Helen Dagnall: I Got You Mamma 00:54:53

   9. Bernice Paulin-Booth: A Tale of Modern Gallantry 01:01:30

Winners & Endnotes 01:07:48 to 01:09:45

The Tabletopics Contest Videos

View at The Black Cat Conference YouTube Channel

District 71 Tabletopics Contest Winner 2015 Pat Sexton


Answers to the question: "What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

Introductions          (0:10 to 1:24 minutes:seconds) 

1. Martin McManus      (1:24)

2. Stuart Lawson           (4:41)

3. Colm McGlade         (7:44)

4. Laura Bruce             (11:01)

5. Alec McAlister         (13:42)

6. Kae Slattery             (16:51)

7. Jude Portbury          (19:57)

8. Pat Sexton               (23:11)

9. Maria Gillen            (26:12)

Winners                  (29:15)

Endnotes                (32:49 to 37:26)