Twitter - for short sharp comments and conversations


We have two twitter streams, each one very much linked to one of our directors.

  • Miltoncontact - links and conversations on a wide range of interests
  • Sustainmi - links and topics around sustainability and green issues

Twitter is a great social medium because you're only saying one thing at a time. You just have 140 characters in which to make a comment and include a link if you want.

We use it in several different ways:

  • To pass on interesting information and articles that we have found.
  • To retweet interesting information and articles that we've seen by other people.
  • To reply or comment on other people's tweets (conversations).


After the initial excitement and rush following new people and getting followers, Twitter can get quite unwieldy if you don't structure it. Use the lists feature. You can set up separate lists for different categories or levels of interest.