A new concept in puzzle books specially arranged for older people, their families and carers

Cover for Puzzles for Bright Old SparksBright Old Sparks puzzle books are specially designed and arranged with older people in mind.

They are for sharing! Fun for Bright Old Sparks to do in pairs, with the family or in larger group settings, they will stimulate, engage and entertain you.

The books are suitable for Bright Old Sparks with dementia or Alzheimer's and most puzzles are familiar, easy to read and follow. Lots of ideas to help spark recollections of hidden memories and conversations.

The carefully arranged games have different skill levels, allowing you to play with friends, carers, family, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren! All can be played at a level all are comfortable with.

The main aim is: Have Fun - Together!

Our first puzzle book is themed around food.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-39-1

RRP: £9.50 plus P&P

24 Fully illustrated pages

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